What is the difference between Tritype® and you can Tri-develop

What is the difference between Tritype® and you can Tri-develop

Tritype® concept came into this world of your own outcome of the analysis gathered regarding Katherine Fauvre’s initially explorations into instinctive subtype, key concerns, self-visualize, words, spirituality, closeness, and you can partners-connection from 1994-1998. After this lady studies of Enneastyle Survey (EQ) responses out-of the woman very first study for the Instinctive Subtypes and you will Enneastyle-new nine Languages out-of Enneagram Method of, and you may Enneastyle dos – upcoming later on in the con take to– together with Enneagram Tritype® Shot, Katherine continuously noticed that people who have an identical Enneagram items described on their own likewise. These folks including used the same or comparable lexicon to speak its internal states, self-visualize, and you will desire steps. Truth be told there enjoys because the been countless lookup subjects after that verifying the lady initial conclusions.

Immediately after Katherine Fauvre became always this new communications appearance and you may term accessibility each kind, she and additionally started initially to see another development growing in her lookup. Katherine states that each and every private conveys themselves or herself utilizing the code combinations which might be line of into about three numerous kinds you to definitely come together in order to create this new Tritype®.

Another trend she pointed out that seems as equally significant and possibly more important would be the fact each type uses the safeguards strategy of just one particular out of for every single triad otherwise cardiovascular system off cleverness. Katherine to start with called these crucial results an individual’s 3Types or TriCenter.

Research revealed by applying the fresh Enneastyle Survey (EQ), Enneacards test results (calculating one’s prominent identification sort of, datingranking.net/tr/swingstown-inceleme and you will Tritype®), and followup interview, one Enneagram Tritype® is actually part of Enneagram Theory, since one or two support systems is actually depicted and apparent in the questionnaires through participants’ language and you may worry about-conception descriptions.

One extra part of great interest would be the fact people with the brand new 369, 147, and you may 852 Tritypes® expected longer to know the brand new influence of the many about three sizes in their term solutions, worries, issues, idealized photo, and you may gift suggestions. The reason being they currently accepted its movement on the sizes within their contours from relationship each other seriously and you will adversely.

Therefore at the end of new speech, Katherine asked brand new Arican teacher regarding tri-augment

Inside November off 1996, Katherine Fauvre came across a teacher on Arica Institute, Oscar Ichazo’s college or university. If you’re training a primary morning lesson into Ichazo’s Psychocalisthenics towards the North Ca Chapter of one’s All over the world Enneagram Relationship, this new Arican professor referenced Ichazo’s tri-boost.

That it stuck Katherine Fauvre’s interest just like the Katherine got understand a part into Ichazo’s tri-develop about Monthly compiled by Jack Labanauskas and Andrea Issacs.

That which was of great interest would be the fact Ichazo got additional the idea out of “tri-fix” following very first dissemination of one’s Enneagram and this try together with based on a principle that folks have fun with about three fixations, that out-of each triad.

Katherine Fauvre’s concept of 3Types, hence she after named Tritype®, was based on a similar idea that people fool around with three sizes (rather than obsession simply), one of for every center of attention. This verified one their finding that someone use about three items, not one, got been recently discover of the Oscar Ichazo, the creator of Enneagram out of Personality.

Since Ichazo extra “tri-fix” circa 1996, it wasn’t an integral part of the original dissemination of the Enneagram into the 1970, neither was just about it a part of Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s Enneagram teachings within his Hunters Once Knowledge communities (SAT) out-of 1971-1973.

This is really important since these discoveries happened separate regarding experience in one another’s work

Tritype® and you can tri-enhance are a couple of ideas you to definitely display a significant similarity. Both “Tritype®” and you can “tri-fix” recognize that anybody fool around with every three centers. Ichazo involved understand that individuals fool around with an obsession regarding per instinctual triad; Katherine Fauvre located, when you’re conducting this lady into the-depth inquiry procedure that have search people, that individuals utilize the complete Enneagram sorts of away from each center regarding cleverness. Together with her, it confirm that individuals have not simply step 1, but step three Enneagram Versions.

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