This is the best school trip ever!

Chris Scotton 2013 close head filtered croppedSorry, no wisdom here!  Book publishing isn’t a world I know well…or at all. I’ve spent the last twenty years starting or running technology companies—what do I know for publishing?

You need insights on securing Series A Venture Capital? I’m your guy.

Questions about marketing B2B software? Look no further.

How best to structure a team of software developers for maximum output? I’ve got some ideas.

How a book gets published? I’m clueless.

In about 10 months, on January 6, 2015, my first novel, The Secret Wisdom of the Earth, will be published by Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group USA. (Got the news on a boat in the Chesapeake Bay and nearly fell off of it…but that’s another story.)

Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

Publishing a novel has been my secret dream all these years—I’d get up at 5am to write before work, steal ten minutes on a train to work out some awkward phrasing, long airplane rides were my friend—and now that it’s actually going to happen, a year seems like a century.  But I know it’s gonna fly and I’ve many more questions than answers.

– How best to work with my editor? (No worries there, she’s wonderful.)
– How can I help generate enthusiasm for a quirky debut novel within a billion dollar publishing house?
– How to maximize my time with a busy publicity team?
– How to effectively launch a second, decidedly low-tech, career after 20 years in high-tech?
– How to do a decent reading.

…and a ton of stuff I don’t even know I don’t know.

I’ve got to get wisdom and experience fast. That’s what this blog is all about.

The Exponential Wisdom of Us

If I’ve learned one decent thing running companies, it’s the value of collective experience. You know, the team thing.  Regardless of where you are in your publishing career—struggling to complete a first novel or polishing your Pulitzer—WE are stronger as a group; shrewder from shared knowledge.  Military folks call it a force multiplier.  But let’s just call it Publishing Wisdom.

Each week, I’ll post what I’ve learned about the process; I’ll interview agents, editors and authors to mine their insights; and gather the best thoughts and ideas from you. So come on with me…we’ve got a ton of stuff to learn.  This will be the best school trip ever.


P.S. If you do need insights on securing Series A Venture Capital, I’m still your guy.  Email me and I’ll give you some thoughts.

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