None voluntary chosen light or grey

None voluntary chosen light or grey

Investigation step one

Regarding ‘drawn to’ color 104 (99%) of one’s 105 fit volunteers replied which matter which have fourteen (14%) players opting for ‘Yellow 14’ since their most popular ‘drawn to’ color. 103 (98%) sufferers answered the question out of ‘favourite’ colour that have 16 (16%) going for ‘Blue 28’. When it comes to ‘mood’ color only 41 (39%) of your compliment volunteers relevant they with a colors which have ‘Yellow14’ being the hottest ‘mood’ colour options.


In order to assess reproducibility 59 healthy volunteers repeated the colour survey once a period of time of two weeks. 20 (34%) somebody offered similar ‘drawn to’ color effect, twenty seven (46%) chose the exact same ‘favourite’ colour and you may 38 (64%) offered the same ‘mood’ colour.

Investigation 2

New percentage of anyone rating a specific colour while the self-confident otherwise bad was found inside Contour step three. As an example, color number 1 was noticed positive from the step three% and bad because of the twenty-four% while colour matter 30 is felt confident for the 43% and bad of the 2%. For this reason there clearly was big type throughout the negative and positive attributions of the different color. It absolutely was therefore needed seriously to introduce exactly what mixture of percentages, each other positive and negative, greatest offered an indication of if a shade should feel considered to be self-confident otherwise bad to your others being categorized given that neutral. For that reason several 7 permutations was indeed created (Dining table step one) using differing percentages for just what is evaluated an optimistic otherwise bad color. Such as, Permutation step one laid out a positive colour in general where 20% or higher men and women thought about it positive and you can 5% or shorter regarded as it as negative. Similarly, a shade is actually defined as negative if the 20% or higher men and women rated it negative and you will 5% or smaller ranked it confident. One tone not appointment these standards was indeed categorized just like the simple. Next permutations turned into more and more limiting. The shipping of colors for the all the various other permutations is detail by detail into the Profile 4. A deeper hitting trying to find is actually one colors on same colour category (i.e. organization otherwise reds) got different connotations for people, with respect to its positivity otherwise negativity, based brightness and you can saturation (we.age. black purple instead of pale yellow). Therefore, comparable tones out of additional color teams, as an example black vegetables and you will dark reds, was indeed very likely to have a similar connotation than just various other styles from the exact same colour classification.

Negative and positive evaluations for each color from the healthy volunteers. This new percentage of suit volunteers whom rated for every single colour towards ‘Color Wheel’ given that sometimes confident (P) otherwise negative (N) are found. For example, 72% of professionals rated Reddish fourteen given that self-confident whereas 0.5% ranked it bad in contrast only one% of volunteers rated Black colored 33 as the confident whereas 74% ranked it bad.

Shipment of colours from the eight permutations. The development of eight permutations are fully discussed in Desk step 1. Permutations 1 and you may dos could be the most including positive and you will bad shade while Permutations 7 and you will 8 could be the extremely limiting. If a shadow is actually sensed neither positive nor negative within the an excellent brand of permutation it had been classified because the basic.


So you’re able to evaluate reproducibility 23 anyone frequent the color survey 14 days afterwards. Off a maximum of 874 you’ll solutions from choosing confident temper colors, 767 (88%) had been the same. Similarly, 798 (91%) bad feeling color was basically the same when questioned an extra go out.

Data step 3

108 (100%) nervous and 108 (98%) disheartened individuals answered brand new ‘drawn to’ question with ‘Yellow 14’ are typically the most popular both in teams (stressed = thirteen (12%), disheartened = eleven (10%)). 108 (100%) nervous and 109 (99%) depressed sufferers responded to the question toward ‘favourite’ colour with eleven (10%) anxious choosing ‘Blue 28’ as the utmost well-known colour and you can 18 (17%) disheartened opting for ‘Blue 27’ closely followed closely by 15 (17%) someone going for ‘Blue 28’. 76 (70%) nervous and you can 87 (79%) disheartened volunteers related a color to their state of mind that have ‘Grey 35’ and ‘Grey 36’ monopolising the major a couple cities of the two organizations. 12 (16%) stressed somebody and you can 19 (22%) depressed picked ‘Grey 36’ and you will 7 (9%) anxious and you may 13 (15%) disheartened selected ‘Grey 35’ (Contour 5).

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