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Why did you choose eastern Kentucky as the setting for the novel?

You speak of a Faustian bargain the people of eastern Kentucky have made with big coal—is the book anti-coal?

Setting is such a critical part of the novel, almost a character itself, yet you’ve never lived in Appalachia—was that a hindrance in writing the novel?

Love and loss are powerful themes in the novel—how are they important to Kevin’s redemption?

Who or what event in your life inspired the characters of Kevin, Buzzy and Pops?

The earth’s healing powers seems to be an important motif in the novel—you call it a madstone—what is a madstone and why is it important to the story?

Can you talk about your writing process—how do you work?

You’ve rendered the characters in Secret Wisdom so vividly—what’s your process for bringing them alive on the page?

Which authors have influenced you most?

How has your experience running technology companies informed your writing?

What’s next? Are you working on a second novel?

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