Identifying Love regarding Bible: Greek Agape, Phileo, Eros, Storge

Identifying Love regarding Bible: Greek Agape, Phileo, Eros, Storge

You can find five Greek terminology to have like which can be essential for Bible pupils understand. Normally, new Greek terms to own like utilized in the Bible basically interpreted “love” however in the new Greek text message it suggest different things. When this happens, sadly the actual greater concept of the term is destroyed within the new weak interpretation.

The fresh four Greek terminology to own love are agape, phileo, eros and you may storge. About three of those appear in the new Bible. When we are likely to deeply comprehend the Bible as well as the biblical world, it is important that we know what such terminology suggest and how they disagree and you may where one can use them about Bible.

Meanings regarding Greeks Terminology to possess Like

Agapeo: Unconditional love; the fresh new love of God on revived mind when you look at the symptom Phileo: Like ranging from family relations Eros: The feeling of being crazy; personal like Storge: Passion for nearest and dearest; Parent/child, siblings, cousins, etc. Really personal family relations, agape was felt also.


Brand new Greek keyword you to definitely refers to the passion for Goodness, one of several kinds of like we’re to own having some body, was agape. Agape is the really nature out of God, to have Jesus is actually love (step 1 John 4:7-twelve, 16). The big key to skills agape will be to know that they are going to be recognized about action it encourages. In fact, i often discuss about it brand new “action design” from agape like.

Consumers are acclimatized to considering like just like the an atmosphere, but that is not at all times the scenario having agape like. Agape is love due to exactly what it does, not on account of the way it feels. Goodness thus “treasured the world ” (agape) that he provided Their merely child (John step 3:16). They did not feel much better in order to Goodness to achieve that, but it is the brand new enjoying action to take.

Christ thus adored (agape) which he offered their life. The guy failed to must perish, however, he appreciated, therefore the guy performed exactly what God requisite. A mother which wants an ill baby will stay upwards the night long handling it, which is not something she would like to manage, it is a genuine operate of agape love.

The overriding point is you to definitely agape like isn’t merely a reaction made regarding emotions. Rather, agape love try an exercise of one’s often, a planned options. Thanks to this Jesus normally command us to like all of our foes (Matt. 5:44; Exod. 23:1-5). He is perhaps not commanding me to “have a great impression” for our enemies, but to act for the an enjoying ways on the them. Agape like is related to obedience and you will partnership, and never fundamentally impact and you will feelings. “Loving” individuals is to try to obey Goodness one’s behalf, trying to their particular long-term true blessing and you will funds.

How to remember that we like (agape) God would best hookup apps that work be the fact i remain Their commandments. Goodness said, “Whoever has my requests and you will obeys him or her, they are the person who likes me personally. ” (John an excellent). You can find Christians who say it like Jesus, however their life was against the will from God. These people mistake the sense of affection to have Jesus to own correct agape love. Goodness made it clear: “The guy who would not love me does not obey my personal teaching…” (John a).


The following term to have “love” we need to examine is phileo, which means “to own a special demand for people or something like that, appear to with run intimate relationship; possess passion getting, such as for instance, thought anyone a buddy.”

It would more likely of use when the phileo was in fact never ever translated “love” in the New-testament, since it refers to an effective taste otherwise a robust relationship. Definitely, we come across just how phileo gets translated “love,” just like the during the modern society i say i “love” items that we strongly like: “I adore ice-cream,” “I favor my car,” “I favor how your own hair looks,” etc. The expression phileo means an effective emotional relationship, which means that can be used of your “love,” otherwise strong friendship, between nearest and dearest.

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